Welcome To Midbytes

Midbytes is a personal blog dedicated to the world of Information Technology, gaming, and all things tech. Several years ago, I embarked on the journey of creating an online platform to document my career and experiences in the IT field, aiming to share knowledge and insights with readers like you.

My foray into the IT realm commenced during my final year of college with an internship in HelpDesk based in Florida. Over four years were spent in this role, longer than initially planned. However, with limited opportunities for advancement within the company, I decided to seek new horizons. Shortly after tendering my resignation, I seized the opportunity to work remotely, a transition I welcomed wholeheartedly.

As my apartment lease came to an end, my girlfriend (now wife) and I made the life-changing decision to relocate to North Carolina, a move that captured our hearts instantly. While continuing to work remotely during the graveyard shift, I pursued new career opportunities. This led to a transition to a Desktop Support role after a successful interview process. After serving in this capacity for approximately a year and four months, I was honored with a promotion to Desktop Support Manager. Presently, I am fulfilling the role of Systems Administrator.

Through Midbytes, I aspire to share valuable insights garnered from my professional journey, with the hope that it may enrich your own career paths or personal endeavors. Thank you for joining me on this venture.